Cambridge Business Owners Insurance

Business insurance is a necessity for even the smallest company in order to protect and maintain its financial health.  Business Owners Insurance (also known as a Business Owners Policy or BOP) protects your small business from a variety of risks by combining property insurance, liability insurance, crime coverage and additional protection into a single premium, convenient policy.  In addition, it’s a cost-effective way to get the basic insurance coverages you need, plus the flexibility to expand as your business grows and your needs may change in the future.

Typically a BOP insurance policy will provide the following coverage:


    • Business interruption insurance (this would cover losses that might cause you to shut down, cease operations or reduce production termporarily). Business interruption insurance can provide money to off set lost profits or to pay continuing expenses, and may be covered for up to a year.
    • Crime insurance (this would cover money or securities loss as a result of robbery, burglary, or destruction).  It would also cover claims from from employee theft or embezzlement.
    • Vehicle coverage for borrowed, rented or leased vehicles.
    • Damaged Property insurance for replacement cost value. This covers you for enough from your settlement to replace the property at today’s value.
    • General liability protection (this would cover against claims of bodily injury or property damage by someone injured at the premises of the business). The liability portion also provides insurance for the cost of defending lawsuits claiming that you are responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage.

    Other coverage may be added to meet specific needs of the business. Make sure you know your need for business insurance, and get all the coverage required to protect your business.

The Business Owners Policy is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses. Normally, companies with 100 employees or under and revenues of up to about $5 million or less are candidates for a BOP insurance policy. Some types of businesses, such as restaurants, may be ineligible for business owners insurance because of the specific risks inherent in the business.  If your business is deemed ineligible, you should look at the individual coverages which can be purchased separately.

Business Owners Policies not include coverage for Professional Liability or Workers Compensation.  Those policies are written separately.


Here at Econosurance of Cambridge, we’d love to discuss your business insurance needs in order to determine if BOP insurance is right for you. If your business is eligible, then obtaining insurance coverage under a BOP insurance policy will streamline your insurance needs to one comprehensive policy.