Cambridge Commercial Flood Insurance

Flooding can occur anwhere and anytime, including some of the least expected of places. It’s caused by more than just heavy rainfall, melting snow and hurricanes.  Overflowing water sources,  broken water mains, damaged hydrant lines and nearby construction is could also cause flooding, too.  One of the smartest ways you can help protect your business is with flood insurance.

Flood insurance is an essential policy to carry in order to protect your business property, especially if your business is located in a high-or medium-risk flood zone. We’ve seen all too well in recent years how devastating hurricanes and tropical storms can be, even in a northern state like Massachusetts. Damage caused by rainwater and flooding is not covered by other business property policies or homeowners policies, so a flood insurance policy is necessary for this crucial coverage.

Still unsure?  Consider these facts.  After a flooding disaster, an estimated 40% of businesses don’t reopen. Of those that do reopen, 25% fail within one year. Small businesses are especially vulnerable, as they are more likely to have limited resources to sustain themselves while temporarily closed, and are far less likely to be able to carry the burden of the additional expenses required to re-open.

Flood insurance policies are provided by the U.S. federal government through FEMA, but they are sold and serviced by licensed agents and companies, such as Econosurance of Cambridge.

In most cases a program can be put in place at an affordable rate. Here at Econosurance of Cambridge, we offer commercial flood insurance through the best providers that can shelter your business from hurricanes, rain, snow melts and even flooding due to drainage caused by new developments.