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When I read the website, I was skeptical. I mean, I've never met an insurance agent who wasn't in a suit, had a stuffy personality, and talked in a language I only half understood. When I met Duc, I immediately liked him, and we spent a good 20 minutes talking about the Patriots, and the Revolution (his passion is soccer, part of his Carribean upbringing). When we got down to insurance, he explained everything clearly and understandably. We had a problem, in that most insurance companies could not satisfy one unusual need I had. He promised to scour the industry to find something that would cover my needs without breaking the bank, and within 48 hours, he had found a carrier who would perfectly fulfill my needs. Impressed is an understatement. Great guy, great personality, ALMOST makes insurance fun....:)

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I had been with the same agency for over 11 years, and when I had a very small claim, all I could get was "talk-around" (lots of talk that didn't lead to any satisfaction) and I felt like I was being treated like a used car customer, or some dumb blond. Right then & there I determined that I would find someone accessible, and who could speak to me in my terms, and on my level. I found him. Thanks, Duke!

Found policy for me before I could get dressed.

Came upon the web site and clicked the skype button. (It was funny because I forgot I was still in my bathrobe). We both laughed a bit about that, and then Duc took all my information verbally right then and there. He was very patient while I found my papers, looked up the VIN etc. By the time I had showered and gotten dressed, he had emailed me with three options, and by the end of the day, I was insured! It was so easy and unintimidating, it's the only way to go, and he's a great guy to do business with. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

Hardworking and sincere

I used the Skype method of contact and Duke comes across as friendly, hard working and sincere, and even though I eventually did not even switch insurance agents, I was really happy with the way I was treated by him. I would recommend Econosurance.

Jared Dean
Absolutely the best insurance

Great guy, great personality. Very easy to talk to and sign up process was easy as pie. Thanks DUC

Econosurance of Cambridge, Mass