Cambridge Boat Insurance

If you are a boating enthusiast, when the days are clear and the weather is warm, we know that the first thing on your mind is going out on the water. Your boat allows you to get away from all the stress and pressure of the mainland and kick back by yourself or with good friends. Whether you use your boat to cruise, to race, or to sit back and fish, we understand that it must be pretty difficult to picture your life without it.  So to make sure that picture never becomes reality, consider a watercraft policy!

A watercraft policy will provide you with coverages for watercraft exposures such as liability and physical damage to the watercraft, such as boats with inboard, outboard, or inboard/outboard motors, and yachts (less than twenty-six feet long).  Boats are typically water crafts under 26 feet (7.9 m), yachts are 26 feet (7.9 m) or more in length, and personal watercraft include your small vessels and jet skis, as well as wave runners.

The Massachusetts government website, for example, states that boat insurance is not required by the state, but it is encouraged. They also offer additional information on boat insurance basics.  Much like a mortgage, however, if you have a loan  on your boat, the bank will insist that you obtain watercraft insurance.  And while there might be limited coverage available under your homeowner’s policy, it typically only covers around $1,000 in damages if the boat is at your home and and it probably offers little or no liability coverage.

Some of the more common things that can happen to your boat can include, natural disasters such as a hurricanes, fires, burglarie, or even liability lawsuits filed by other people claiming that you were negligent or caused them damages.  Without insurance, how would you handle these situations? Can you imagine the cost?

Here at Econosurance of Cambridge, we will make sure you have protection for whatever might happen on the water. This includes protection for your boat, your liability, the safety of your passengers, special equipment protection and even protection for trailering your boat.  We are uniquely qualified to design full coverage to protect each client’s unique maritime risks. And from our selection of dozens of established marine insurance companies represented, our clients are assured the best options, coverage, and pricing.