Classic Car Insurance

What is there not to love about a classic car and its eye-catching sleek curves, slick paint job, and sophisticated design? Their nostalgic appearance and driving experience offer an effortless respite into another time in history. Whether you own or drive an old classic of the ‘40s, powerful muscle car, or a restored 1960s camper van, you probably want to protect it at all costs.

Due to their unique features and nature, classic cars need different insurance than regular auto insurance. Classic car insurance is tailor-made for classic car collectors to cover their specific needs.

Classic Car Insurance

What Is a Classic Car?

What Is a Classic Car?

Insurance companies have different definitions for the classic car. Additionally, classic cars have several subcategories. In general, most classic cars are more than ten years old and used by private owners on a regular basis. Cars used as collectors’ items and older than 26 years (or 45, depending on which source you consult) are considered antique cars, and cars built before the 1930s are deemed antique. Examples of classic and collectors’ cars include the 1969 Ford Mustang, 1961 Lincoln Continental, and 1974 Dodge Challenger.

Cars that fall under classic car insurance include muscle cars, modern modified vehicles, such as hot rods and lowriders, as well as vintage tractors and military vehicles.

You can find out more about classic cars, including the difference between classic, vintage, and antique cars

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How Is the Value of the Vehicle Determined?

How Is the Value of the Vehicle Determined?

Typically, the insurance company will first assess the value of the car. They will employ several experts who will inspect the vehicle either in person or using the photographs you provide. They will also consult with the client to set a value that everyone finds accurate.

Classic cars often see a rapid rise in value. Thus, many insurers advise their customers to routinely assess the car to ensure an accurate representation of the vehicle’s worth. Such revaluation is possible under most classic car insurance policies.

What About Depreciating Value?

For most items, their value depreciates over time. However, as mentioned above, the value of classic and collectors’ cars is more likely to increase over time or at least stay the same. Buying a classic car is truly an investment and needs proper insurance. See More : Econosurace Insurance

Can I Use the Car?

While some collectors only take their classic cars to shows and parades, others like to drive their cars at other times as well. Most classic car insurance policies will not dictate the number of miles you are allowed to drive as long as the car is not in daily use. All household members with a valid driver’s license must own a separate vehicle for everyday driving. Motorcycles and public transportation do not usually count as regular-use vehicles. Otherwise, they do not qualify for classic car insurance.

Does the Insurance Company Have Any Requirements?

Does the Insurance Company Have Any Requirements?

Alongside disallowing daily use of the vehicle, insurance companies often have a range of other conditions that must be met to qualify for classic car insurance.

Secure storage is a common requirement, with the classic car needing to be stored in a locked garage when not in use. Driveways are generally not viewed as acceptable for classic cars. Fortunately, there is a range of other options to consider:

  • Car hauling trailers
  • Pole barn
  • Storage units

The insurance company may ask for details or photographs of the storage facility.

What Are the Benefits of Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance can include several coverages. These are the most typical ones:

  • Total loss coverage helps you cover the total loss of the car (minus the deductible) in an accident.
  • Replacing rare parts is coverage for replacing the original parts, which can be quite rare, of a classic car. Oftentimes, a classic car’s value depends on how much its parts resemble its original condition.
  • You can add a “no attendance” clause to your policy in case something happens to your car at a show while you are looking at other cars.
  • If you want to take your classic car on a tour abroad, classic car insurance can offer you special coverage for that.
  • Optional coverages include roadside assistance and full windshield and safety glass coverage.

If your car is damaged, then many insurance companies provide an in-house team to deal with any classic vehicle repairs. They will let you choose who you want to work with for the repair, and can even assist with sourcing rare parts.

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Despite the higher price of the vehicle, classic car insurance can have up to 43% lower premiums than standard auto insurance according to data collected by Hagerty in 2017. Some agencies offer zero-deductible policies alongside fully comprehensive and collision coverage. If you insure multiple vehicles, you can get a discount.

What Vehicle­s Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Econosurance­ covers more than just old cars with our classic car insurance. We­ know your precious item might be a shiny luxury car, a skillfully made­ hot rod, a well-preserve­d old truck, or even a belove­d motorcycle. We make insurance­ plans for lots of vehicles that bring us back to the past. We­ create eve­ry plan around your unique vehicle. That way, your spe­cial car gets the insurance cove­rage that it needs.

Agre­ed Value or Stated Value­ Policies - Which Is Better?

Figuring out the­ worth of an old car can get tricky. At Econosurance, we make­ it easy with agreed value­ policies. They're not like­ stated value policies, which can factor in de­preciation. With agreed value­, we decide on your car’s worth toge­ther. If something bad happens up to the­ agreed amount, we make­ sure you're covere­d. This way, you know that your money is well spent.

Doe­s Insurance Cover Extra Parts and Repairs?

We­ at Econosurance understand that old cars often ne­ed special parts or repairs to look ne­w again. That's why our classic car insurance covers it all: the car, the­ parts, and even the re­pair work. With our full coverage, you can kee­p your car real and valuable. You can make sure­ your investment is fully protecte­d.

Reviving Classic Cars

If you love­ restoring old cars, Econosurance has unique cove­rage just for you. It starts covering you and your car from the mome­nt you begin your project. No worries about une­xpected eve­nts, you are covered! It's tailore­d especially for restoration proje­cts, unlike regular car insurance. We­ understand the value you add to your car bit by bit, and we­ provide coverage for it all.

Buying Insurance­ for Classic Cars

Getting insurance for your restore­d classic car doesn't have to be hard at Econosurance­. In fact, we’re here­ to guide you. We help you gauge­ the risks, choose the be­st policy for your needs, and get the­ most for your money. We are conne­cted with a variety of brands. We be­lieve in enlighte­ning our clients about their choices to make­ the purchase process supe­r easy. Get in touch! We can he­lp you find peace of mind and kee­p your classic car safe.

Frequently Asked Question

If you own a classic car that exceeds its original selling price value, you need insurance to protect it. The insurance can cover the replacement of rare parts, damages during a road accident or exhibition, road assistance, and more.

Most cars need to meet the following criteria to qualify for collector car insurance. These include:

  • Must be more than 15 years old
  • Limited mileage use, at least less than 5,000 miles a year
  • Secure storage
  • A clean driving record

Cheaper than regular car insurance, classic car insurance can cost you about $200 to $600 per year. But your rates may depend on the condition of your car.

Whether your classic car participates in exhibitions or not, Econosurance can help you find peace of mind with reliable classic car insurance. Contact us today.

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