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Commercial Auto

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “commercial vehicle”? Maybe a van, or an articulated lorry, or a tractor maybe? Commercial vehicles come in all different shapes, sizes, and types and would even include standard cars – it just depends on how you use them. If you are used to taxiing your kids about to football, piano lessons, soccer, ballet, dance class, sleepovers et al (delete as appropriate!), you may feel like you are running a taxi service even if you aren’t. However, there are standard cars that can be considered commercial vehicles.

Not only can commercial vehicles be a crucial part of keeping a business running, but they can also actually be the business as in the case of Uber or other taxi services. Similarly, cars can be considered commercial vehicles if they are used to make deliveries for the business, such as with pizzas. However, there are rules that apply in this situation as those that occasionally use their car for deliveries, such as Avon representatives, would still only need a personal car insurance policy as they use their car for personal use the majority of the time.

Other commercial vehicles are more obvious, such as delivery trucks or coaches, and company-owned vehicles will also require coverage by commercial auto insurance. If you’re not sure if your vehicle requires commercial auto insurance, consider whether you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Are any of your vehicles used for pickup or delivery of goods (including supplies, materials, newspapers, pizza, or other food items) or messenger services?
  • Are any of your vehicles used for Uber, limousine, or taxi services, or other “people delivery” services?
  • Are any of your vehicles owned or leased by a partnership or corporation?
  • Are any of your vehicles registered or titled to a business, corporation, partnership, or DBA (Doing Business As)?
  • Do any employees or non-listed drivers use any of your vehicles on a regular or occasional basis?
  • Are any of your vehicles leased or rented to others?
  • Are any of your vehicles a pickup, van, or utility vehicle with a gross weight exceeding 10,000 pounds, or do any of your vehicles have a rated load capacity over 2,000 pounds?
  • Are any of your vehicles equipped with snowplow equipment, cooking or catering equipment, bathrooms, altered suspensions, hydraulic lifts, or racing equipment?
  • Do any of your vehicles have equipment installed that is used to support a business, such as ladder racks or permanent toolboxes?

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