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Econosurance is a licensed and independent insurance brokerage with offices in Florida and Massachusetts. We provide a wide range of low cost insurance policies for businesses, individuals and families in Florida and Massachusetts. With over 25 years of proven success in finding motorists,homeowners and business owners the lowest and most affordable insurance policies, we stand out as one of the most successful independent agencies in the area.

What Econosurance Does


Econosurance searches for low cost insurance policies amongst its carriers to find our clients the cheapest rate. We offer customers comprehensive risk assessments, coverage education and recommendations, and insurance premium savings along with the peace of mind that comes from having adequate coverage and excellent claim service in case of a loss.

At Econosurance, we work hard to earn our customers’ trust. This persistence has earned us an excellent reputation in our community over the years. Part of gaining the confidence of the community is our Independent Agency status. Unlike branded agencies, who are only empowered to sell you their brand whether it’s a perfect fit for your insurance needs or not, Econosurance is an independent agent, indebted to no company, and completely free to find you the best insurance policy that best meets your needs at the very best price. Our loyalty is to our clients and we work hard to maintain our reputation. 

About Duke Rateau, CEO & President at Econosurance


Maybe having lived nearly half of my life in the Caribbean taught me that a simple smile can lead to a lasting relationship; maybe it’s a natural part of my personality. Either way, it is a rule that I continue to live by – but it’s not the only one. What one person considers to be weakness, I consider to be strength. What another person views as a challenge, I view as an opportunity. In other words, I welcome adversity and challenges because I have the power to embrace them and to change a situation for the better. 

I relish any opportunity to engage with somebody and to be able to demonstrate why they should put their trust in me. It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk, learn more about each other and our priorities, understand how we can provide mutual support.

By seeking new challenges and embracing change, I have developed a successful insurance brokerage - Econosurance - that continues to thrive thanks to the work of highly qualified staff under my leadership. I believe that my outgoing personality has  enabled me to develop the kind of working relationships required both for my business to thrive and to get the clients the very best deals possible. 

I understand the reasons why people need to be fully protected by insurance. Chief amongst those reasons are:
They are financing and are required to carry insurance
They can’t self-insure
They simply want peace of mind

I am perfectly positioned within the insurance market to be able to provide anyone with the protection that they need. You can be assured that I will go above and beyond, including – but not limited to – the following:
Proactively checking whether my clients have had any changes to their situation, both six months before renewal and at renewal.
Ensuring that all my insurance partners are continually rated as ‘excellent’ with rating agencies. 
Having a relentless focus on securing policies with the most coverage and at the best rates 

I take pride in being able to do my job well, and will always do so regardless of the client or their needs. 

When I am not doing what I love – interacting with people – I concentrate my efforts on helping minority kids, especially those from impoverished Caribbean islands, reach their full potential by developing their own skills and abilities.

Econosurance is conveniently located in Cambridge, but 90% of our business is conducted online, by phone, email, Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom. If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to reach out to me.

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