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Navigating the vast insurance market can be daunting, let alone finding the cover you need at a price you can afford. Our friendly, service-focused team have been working to find our customers the right policies for over 25 years. Here are some of the people we’ve helped along the way



Case Study #1 - Quick Turnaround Home & Auto Insurance With

Jennifer D. - Homeowner


Jennifer is the owner of busy OD Answering service. She had a very tight schedule to obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy for a property she was due to close on within a few days. Her property had to be insured at full replacement cost, but she was restricted by a very tight budget.

Although she didn’t realize at the time, her automobile insurance policy was also far from competitive.


We searched with our carrier partners and found an excellent rate, which was the exact amount Jennifer’s loan officer had budgeted for. It provided her full replacement cost on her home, plus an additional 25% above replacement cost coverage through an inexpensive endorsement.

Having secured this excellent homeowners policy, we also spoke to the carrier about Jennifer’s auto policy. By bundling the homeowners and auto insurance policies with the same carrier, we were able to save Jennifer over $1000 in premium.

Case Study #2 - Helping Home Ownership become a reality

Pierre B. - Mortgage Broker


A client needed to close on a property with a week left before closing. Although she had obtained several quotes from other companies, none fell under her debt to income ratio and there was a real risk that she was going to lose out on the home.


We rated her policy with several carriers and found her the perfect rate and excellent coverage. Her monthly premium now falls well under her debt to income ratio, making it friendly to her mortgage.

Her insurance binder is now safely stored away in her home.





Case Study #3 - A Premium Level of Coverage Secured for a Premium Home



Homeowner owns a 2500 square foot home in Lexington. While you can’t put a price on your dream house, this luxury home had a high replacement cost, driving premiums through the roof.

In fact, before switching, homeowner was paying over $6000 every year in homeowner’s insurance premium.


In situations like this, price isn’t everything. We shopped this policy with our homeowners insurance carriers with the aim of securing homeowner a policy with excellent coverage from an A rated insurance carrier.

In the end, we were able to save her over $3000 in premium, despite securing her excellent coverage from one of the most reputable carriers in the United States.

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