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Bundle your Home and Auto Insurance!

One of the main benefits of bundling a car and home insurance is that you can maintain all your insurance coverage in one place. This might seem like a minor point that doesn’t seem like it will be a worthwhile advantage. However, you might consider this differently when you require multiple types of insurance coverage. As a result, you could end up with lots of different renewal dates that you have to keep track of, and no-one needs that kind of hassle. Why take the risk of potentially missing a renewal date and leaving yourself uninsured?

Through the process of bundling insurance policies – which is available at Econosurance – you will not only benefit from maintaining all your insurance in one place, but also from getting a good deal.

By choosing bundling of your car and home insurance coverage, you can be assured that you are paying the lowest premium without compromising on getting the best quality coverage.


Avoid Future Problems

Similar to the advantages that can be gained in terms of keeping all your insurance policies in one place, it is also possible to avoid potential problems that can arise.

Even if you are highly organized and take paperwork in stride, there are some issues that may simply be unavoidable. For example, if an insured person passes away and no one knows who they are insured with, this can be highly challenging. This could result in a situation where it is necessary to contact multiple insurance companies.

It will be bad enough with all the other processes and paperwork that will become necessary when someone dies. Making sure that insurance matters are straight-forward and clear helps prevent this from causing a problem.


This issue is intensified when there are multiple insurance policies where some may be known about, but not others. As a result, it will be difficult to know what is and is not covered. By bundling the best car and home insurance in MA, the likelihood of being able to locate the insurance policy is much greater.

Similarly, problems can arise with the purchase of a new home when the homeowner’s insurance policy is held in escrow. This can mean that it is not immediately clear which insurance company is providing coverage or the extent of it. In the event that an insured risk occurs during this period, it will be practically impossible to know how to make a claim.

Obtaining a bundled insurance policy will enable you to get the full extent of coverage that you need under a single policy number.

Keep It Together and Get the Best Rates

Any prudent consumer will want to get a good deal on the things that they buy, and this is no different when it comes to insurance. There is often a big difference between wanting a bargain and actually getting one, so it is essential to take steps to make this happen rather than pursuing an expected course of action.

One way in which to ensure you get a premium that is easy on the wallet is to seek a bundled policy. This will provide the means to pay a single cost-effective premium rather than multiple premiums on separate policies. This will also prove to be highly convenient in negating the need to make multiple payments.


Trust in an Expert

You don’t have to worry about all the finer points of insurance when you’ve got experts on side, and we at Econosurance fit that role. We understand that the details are important and we can make the process of obtaining insurance more convenient for you by demonstrating that you actually can delegate to us to a certain extent.

Once you give us a little information, you can leave the rest to us and enable us to provide you with the coverage you need for a reasonable cost.

By taking advantage of our skills and knowledge in insurance, you will be able to benefit from the convenience of getting assistance with one of life’s necessities.


Save up to 25% on our policies

When you need insurance for your car and home, you don’t have to get separate policies. Instead, you can bundle them and save from 5% to 25% with  policies that Econosurance will find on your behalf.


Save time, enjoy life

Time is a valuable asset, and so are your car and home. At Econosurance, we are dedicated to protecting your assets so you don’t have to worry. Put your priorities in our hands and trust us to find you suitable coverage.


Tailored to your needs

Bundling insurance makes life transitions easier. Our needs change from day to day and, when it comes to insurance, we want to remain safe. With our bundled insurance, you can easily transition from one policy to the other as your needs change.

Duke is great, friendly staff, always offers the best service but also the best premium for the coverage! I have the utmost confidence and trust in him. I high Read More

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Duke helped me where others would nit..He is on the mark and most Friendly with his advise.. I want to use him and his Agency more!!

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Its my second year with Duke and Econosurance.They are wonderful people, amicable and very much concerned about their customer.They hear from you your need and Read More

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Duke and his staff are so attentive and work swiftly. I first came to them for my home owners insurance, but has since also switched my auto insurance to them Read More

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Duke is extremely knowledgeable and kind. I have used his services for over 13 year and would strongly recommend this company.

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"This is my first experience with Econosurance and they are simply the best!" I have been a customer with another insurance company for ten years and Read More

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I had never heard of Econosurance until I started shopping for homeowners insurance.   After reading all of their positive reviews I gave them a call and I sp Read More

Peggy M.

Duke got me a great rate and is always there for questions and support when I call. I did my commercial and my auto policy through him. I know he does much mor Read More

Janet P.

Duke is the best agent. He is always available to answer question. I have my personal and business insurance with econoinsurance because they provide all the c Read More

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This is the best insurance company in town!! This company has helped me save a lot of money on car insurance, and I am forever grateful for their professional Read More

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Unmatched reliabilty, reaction in time of need, great rates, customer care and advice leaves me glad to do business with you.

Richard C.

I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Duke Rateau recently. I was completely blown away by his professionalism, responsiveness, his willingness to go Read More

Majoba M.

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Simplify & Save

Bundle your Home and Auto Insurance