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Cheap Home Insurance Rates in Amesbury MA.

We customize your home insurance policy so you only pay for the coverages you need.

How We Can Reduce Your Amesbury MA Property Insurance Premium Considerably

We don’t offer cookie-cutter home insurance policies. We will review your dwelling, personal belongings, existing policies, and risk factors in your zip code so you only pay for the coverage that you actually need. A highly customized policy also ensures that your specific needs are met and you get to enjoy sufficient financial protection in the event of accidents and catastrophic losses.

Enjoy Huge Discounts

As a team of independent insurance agents in Massachusetts, we can help you compare home insurance rates and policies from multiple home insurance companies in Massachusetts. Our business model also allows us to work with our clients to provide a fair plan—and not work for a single insurer.

We will evaluate your property and other insurance policies to determine your eligibility for discounts, such as:

  1. Bundling Multiple Policies with the Same Company – on average, you get a 5-15 percent discount with your home and auto insurance quotes. Nonetheless, we still shop around to make sure the price is lower than purchasing two policies from two different insurers before resorting to bundling.
  2. Good Homeowners Discount – fitting your home with monitored alarm and security systems such as deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers may help you qualify for an additional 10-15 percent discount.

An additional ten percent discount is possible if you reinforce your roof, install storm shutters, and modernize heating, electrical, and plumbing systems to reduce risk of water and fire damage.

We Provide Expert Advice and Consultation for Free

Because our goal is to give you low cost home insurance that provides adequate protection, our independent insurance agents will guide you to further reduce your premium. For instance, we recommend periodic reevaluation of your coverage, at least every year, so it will cover your new needs and remove anything that is no longer necessary.

We also advise that you avoid risks that insurance companies are wary of or charge extra premium for. Examples include swimming pools, trampolines, and certain dog breeds (e.g. pit bulls and Rottweilers.

To prevent a premium hike, we also suggest that you avoid frequent small claims. After all, you should only reserve your home insurance for catastrophic losses.

To further reduce your costs, we will review your area and dwelling to avoid overlapping or obsolete coverage. For instance, you should drop earthquake coverage if you do not live in an earthquake zone. Nonetheless, we suggest that homeowners should generally carry essential coverages for wind, flood, and fire damage.

Dwelling Protection

This basis of a homeowners insurance policy is to cover the structure of your home, including anything that is attached to it such as the garage or deck. To lower your house insurance premium, we often recommend that you exclude the land value, which will be retained if the building is damaged.

Other Structures Protection

This includes the fence, detached garage, and tool shed.

Personal Property Protection

This house insurance policy covers your personal property if they are stolen or damaged. If you don’t have expensive jewelry, you can exclude this coverage to lower your premium.

Liability Protection

It pays compensation for injury suffered to someone who is not living with you while on your property and you’re found to be legally liable. If you have home and auto insurance with the same company, you may want to add a personal umbrella policy to increase your liability coverage.

At Econosurance, we insure these types of homes:

  • Single- and multi-family dwellings occupied by owner
  • Single- and multi-family dwellings not occupied by owner
  • Dwellings owned by a trust
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouses
  • Rental properties
  • Cooperatives
  • Time-shares

As a team of independent insurance agents, our business model means we work with you and not for a single home insurance provider. Moreover, we work with multiple insurers so you can compare different home insurance rates and policies.

Our customer service team are ready to assist you with finding the right insurance coverage. Give us a call at 800-335-0633 or send us an email at info@econosurance.com.

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