Get on the Road with the Lowest Car Insurance in Massachusetts


For many people, their car is such an integral part of their life that they humanize them, even using the appropriate pronoun when referring to it according to whether it is a girl or a boy. Go on, admit it, you’ve given your car a name, haven’t you? 

With this being the case, it’s clear why it can be so distressing when something happens to the car above merely losing a means of transportation.

Fortunately, Econosurance is ready to find you the right car insurance policy to protect you in case the worse does happen. Even though it is a compulsory policy, it does not need to be a burden as we are keen on saving our clients money, with discounts available for a range of different circumstances including:

  • Low mileage
  • Out-of-state driving experience
  • Higher deductible
  • AAA or other club memberships
  • Paid-in-full discounts 

Car insurance is provided in two main types: full coverage and liability.

Full coverage insurance provides complete coverage both for you and your car, as well as injury or damage to any other person or car. Liability insurance solely provides coverage in the event that you cause loss to someone else while driving. This can be a suitable option if you’re driving a hooptie and the cost of insurance premiums may run to more than the value of the car. Be aware that in most cases, if you have a loan on your car, the loan company will require you to maintain comprehensive insurance

Broadly, car insurance policies provide coverage for:


Bodily injury


Property damage


Medical payments


Theft Towing Car rental 


The extent to which these coverages apply vary depending on the type of policy; for example, the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired can be available with a full coverage policy, but not a liability one. 

With both types of policy, you will be in a contractual relationship with the insurance company, so failing to fulfill your part of the contract – such as by not paying the premium – can result in the policy being canceled. This will leave you at risk of liability for your own damage and injury, that you cause to others, and citations if you get caught driving without insurance. 

Many states, including Massachusetts and Florida, require car owners to minimally carry liability insurance. Though this may seem like an appealing prospect due to the lower premium, it could also leave you open to personal loss. Even those drivers who do opt for full coverage should also consider this issue due to the limits involved. It is common to set a maximum limit of $20,000 per person for bodily injury and $40,000 per accident, but these can be easily surpassed when you consider the potential for the costs that can arise following an accident. 

Leaving aside the cost of any vehicle damage, medical costs alone can be vast and easily exceed the limit of the policy. The policyholder will be responsible for paying any judgment for damages after the policy has been exhausted. 

Regardless of the type of vehicle that you have, you can be assured that Econosurance will help you find the best deal. You can get a quote by completing our online form or by calling us on 617-864-2444. 

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