How Much Does Insurance Pay for Hail Damage on the Roof


As a smart homeowner, you've purchased home insurance to protect your home and finances in an emergency. If you're dealing with a hail-damaged roof, you're probably wondering if now is the time to use your home insurance.

How much does insurance pay for hail damage on the roof? How do you decide when to file a claim for hail damage? What will happen to your insurance premiums if you do?

As always, we're here to offer home insurance tips. We know that navigating your home insurance policy can get tricky, and only 30% of homeowners understand what their policy covers.

Read on to learn about hail damage and home insurance coverage in our home insurance guide.

Does Home Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

If you're worried about recent hail damage on your roof, you're in luck. Most basic home insurance policies do cover hail damage.

There are a few exceptions. For example, if you live in a state where hail storms are common, you may have to purchase additional hail coverage. 

It's also important to keep in mind the ticking clock. Many insurance companies will only cover damage within a specific time period. While this will vary from policy to policy, you'll often find that you have one year to file a hail damage claim.

Does a Hail Damage Claim Ever Get Denied?

Some homeowners may discover that their claim for hail damage on the roof gets denied. Why does this happen?

As we mentioned earlier, your insurance company probably requires you to file your claim within a specific time frame. This is because they want you to act quickly to fix the damage and prevent further damage.

Let's look at an example. Let's say that hail knocked several shingles loose and you didn't replace or repair those shingles right away. Now, it has stormed several times, and the roof damage spread in the process.

Your insurance company may reject a claim to fix the roof damage because it now costs more than necessary. We always suggest filing a home insurance claim ASAP to avoid outcomes like this.

How Much Does Insurance Pay for Hail Damage on the Roof?

The average home insurance payout for hail damage is an estimated $12,000. That said, this average reflects coverage for more than just roof repairs. It may also include additional repairs to windows, sheds, and more. 

As long as you are quick to file a claim and responsible for mitigating further damage, your insurance company should cover the cost of roof repairs minus your deductible. Unless you live in one of the states with frequent hail storms, it is unlikely that your insurance company will limit their coverage for hail damage on the roof. Learn More: Roofing repair

Do Hail Damage Claims Impact Your Premium?

Many homeowners are hesitant to file a claim with their insurance policy because it may raise their monthly insurance premiums. Is this the case with hail damage claims?

Roof damage caused by hail doesn't fall under the category of negligence, which is the most common reason that home insurance premiums go up. Because hail damage is a natural event, your home insurance policy is unlikely to penalize you for any related claims.

This may change if you have filed another home insurance claim in the past three years. Many home insurance policies will raise your premium after a second file is claimed within a three-year span, regardless of the reason. 

Is Hail Damage Worth the Claim?

How can you decide if the hail damage on your roof is worth filing a claim over? You're going to need a few pieces of information.

Start by learning about your deductible. How much will you need to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in? 

Let's say your deductible is $600 and you have $1,000 worth of hail damage to pay for. In this case, you're only getting $400 of coverage, and it isn't worth it. If, however, you have $4,000 worth of hail damage and don't have that kind of money saved up, you may want to file the claim.

Next, check your records to ensure that you haven't filed another claim in the past three years. If you have, find out how much your monthly premiums will increase after filing a second claim. Avoid raising your monthly premium unless the cost of hail damage on your roof is extravagant. 

How Can You File a Claim for Hail Damage?

You believe that the hail damage on your roof warrants an insurance claim. What do you do next?

First, mitigate further damage without starting to repair the roof. Use waterproof tarps to cover the hail damage and prevent leaking. 

Next, contact a trustworthy roofing expert in your area. Ask for a free roof repair quote that you can cite in your claim.

Finally, file your claim with your insurance company. Make sure to explain the type and extent of the damage, the types of repairs you'll need, and the amount you expect to pay for repairs.

When your insurance company sends an adjuster to inspect the damage, make sure that you're home. Join them as they assess the damage and point out what will require repairs. If possible, ask your roofing contractor to attend, as well.

Once your insurance company approves your claim, it's time to get to work repairing the hail damage on the roof. 

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How much does insurance pay for hail damage on the roof? It depends on where you live, but in most cases, you'll get the full coverage you need to repair your roof after a hail storm.

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