To Be or Not To Be…Loyal, That Is... Once you find a product or service that you like and trust, sticking with it would seem like the logical option.


You love paying your insurance premiums, right? Shelling out cash for something you can’t immediately enjoy? No? Of course not, it’s a silly question as no one in their right mind likes paying any bills, including insurance premiums. Unfortunately, not liking paying premiums does not mean that you can avoid them completely unless you want to end up in a world of trouble. For example, think about how you would cope if your house burned to the ground and you didn’t have homeowner’s insurance. For the average person, this would be an absolute catastrophe, but this can be avoided by making sure valid insurance is in place. 

Though you may not like paying your premiums, you cannot deny the benefits that insurance cover offers and this might make you feel better about it. Similarly, there are other steps you can take to make the need to pay them more manageable.

Path of Least Resistance

It is clear to see why many people would assume that it is a good idea to stick with the same insurance company year after year – it’s just the easiest path to take. You don’t have to remember your renewal date, seek new quotations, repeatedly provide all your information, or compare premiums.

Regardless of the type of coverage – homeowners, vehicle, business, renters – when you already have a policy in place, you are more likely to stay with that insurer.

Even if you are planning on moving from another state to Massachusetts, for example, you may want to take your policy with you. Simply advising your existing insurer of your new address and property information may seem like the simplest way to proceed. They can make any necessary changes, you don’t have to take any further action and no longer have to worry about it.

You may even get letters from your insurance company with confirmation of your approaching renewal date and that “you don’t have to do anything” if you want to renew. This lulls you into a false sense of security about what is best for you in terms of the cost, even if the level of coverage suits your needs.

To Be or Not To Be…Loyal

Bear in mind that what appears to be the easiest option may not necessarily be the best one.

Don’t Believe the Hype

In addition to it being easy, you may be keen to stay with the same insurance provider in order to retain your no claims discount. However, this would be a misjudgment as your years of not making a claim will follow you. This can be demonstrated by the fact that a new insurance provider will often seek confirmation of this when you request a quotation, with a question such as “for what number of years have you not made a claim?”

Accordingly, whatever response you are able to provide will be used to determine what premium you will be required to pay. This figure will always be yours and no insurer will be able to take this away from you simply because you choose to switch providers.

Another reason why you may consider it prudent to stay with the same insurer is that you feel as though the insurance company knows you and knows your history. To a certain extent, this is true as the insurance company will have a database that contains information about you. They will be able to pull this up with confirmation of some identifying information, such as your policy number, full name, or date of birth…in exactly the same way as any other insurance company!

Bear in mind that you do not have a personal relationship with an insurance company, it is a contractual one. They will not offer you the same benefits as you would from a friend doing you a favor, but they still expect unquestioning loyalty from you.

Some insurers may give the impression that they appreciate their loyal policyholders by offering them bonuses; these are usually in the form of free gifts, such as pens, bumper stickers, calendars, or money-off coupons for restaurants. Though this may initially seem great as everyone likes getting something for nothing, this generosity has an ulterior motive as these gifts will often bear the name of the insurance company. Further, a true bonus would actually involve getting a discount on your premium rather than a low-cost item that ultimately benefits the company. Just because you may earn a bonus from staying with an insurance company, this does not preclude you from comparing premiums to see if a lower premium would be a better deal overall.

insurance companies are giving them a good deal.

A consequence of this misplaced loyalty is that insurance companies can take advantage by continually increasing premiums, which is blindly accepted by policyholders who believe insurance companies are giving them a good deal.

This issue is widespread within the insurance industry and is demonstrated by the

Whether you are planning a move to Massachusetts or just seeking to get a better deal out of your insurance coverage, it is prudent to take the opportunity to see what another provider can offer you. When we do this on your behalf, we keep your best interest in mind and seek to find you coverage that suits your needs for the best possible price.  

Through our expertise, we recognize that it is easier to get good deals on insurance premiums when you bundle home and auto insurance in Massachusetts. This makes it possible to obtain different types of coverage within one policy for a discounted price when compared to the premiums due for separate policies.

If you instruct when you are looking for insurance cover, you will not have to worry about ensuring that you get the best deal, as we will make sure that this is the case. Let us take the strain and you can enjoy the rewards.

Though we can’t help you avoid paying insurance premiums, we can help take the sting out of paying them. Not only will we do the preliminary work for you, but we can also help make the premiums more manageable.

Loyalty is only an admirable trait in some circumstances, which is definitely not the case if you are getting over-charged for the privilege. At Econosurance, we are dedicated to doing what is best for our clients; after considering all your needs, we will determine the best coverage for you and get it at the right price.   


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