Will Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires


Earlier this year, several states across America reported an increase in car thefts. If more people are stealing cars, does that mean that more people are vandalizing cars, too? 

You do your best to protect your car by driving safely and paying your insurance premiums on time. Still, unexpected problems like vandalism can occur, and drivers are starting to wonder what kind of protection their insurance can offer.

Today, we're going to shed light on a question that is often asked and often (incorrectly) answered: will insurance cover 3 slashed tires?

Read on for our insurance guide that will let you in on the truth behind car insurance and slashed tires.

What Does Standard Car Insurance Cover?

First, let's talk about what standard car insurance covers. Keep in mind that almost every state requires at least some car insurance coverage (aka compulsory coverage) for all licensed drivers who own a vehicle. If you don't have any car insurance, it's time to find a policy.

Standard car insurance usually includes property, liability, and medical coverage. Property insurance can cover certain types of damage done to another car as well as the cost of the car if it is stolen. Property insurance may also cover any expenses incurred if your car does damage to someone else's property, such as buildings or fences.

Liability and medical coverage are designed to protect you if you have been in a car accident by covering related expenses. While these are both important, they do not apply to a situation like vandalism. 

Will Insurance Cover 3 Slashed Tires?

As we stated earlier, property insurance will cover certain types of damage. Does that include 3 slashed tires?

The answer is complicated.

Simply put, most standard car insurance policies will not cover the cost of 3 slashed tires. However, this isn't for the reason that many people think.

The popular myth is that your insurance provider would cover the cost of 4 slashed tires, but not 3. If you think this sounds a little silly, you're right. If your car insurance provider does cover the cost of slashed tires, they're not going to limit coverage based on the number of tires slashed.

That said, you probably won't have coverage for this particular issue (or anything pertaining to vandalism) unless you purchase additional car insurance policies. Common car insurance policies that car owners choose to purchase include comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is an additional insurance policy that covers a wide variety of damage that may be done to your car. This is different from the property insurance included in standard car insurance policies because property insurance is meant to pay for the damage done to other cars in an accident, not your own.

To be more specific, comprehensive coverage will cover damage caused by issues that aren't accidents. For example, if a tree falls on your car during a storm, you can use comprehensive coverage to pay for some or all of the related repairs.

Good news for anyone worried about vandalism: comprehensive coverage also covers damage caused by vandals, rioters, and more. If you have comprehensive coverage, that means that you can likely file a claim for 3 slashed tires.

What Is Collision Coverage?

As the name suggests, collision coverage covers damage caused in collisions. That includes accidents involving other cars, but it doesn't stop there.

Let's say that you swerve to avoid an accident and hit a pole, causing serious damage to your bumper. Chances are, you can pay for the repairs by filing a claim through your collision coverage provider.

Could collision coverage cover 3 slashed tires? It's possible, but only if your tires became slashed as the result of a collision. 

Is Other Tire Damage Covered By Insurance?

There are other ways that your tires can become unusable that don't involve vandalism. What are the other types of tire damage that your car insurance will cover?

Note that no form of insurance will cover tire damage caused by neglect or regular use. For example, you will not receive coverage for flat tires or tires worn down from use, even if you have additional car insurance policies. 

With comprehensive and collision coverage, you may receive coverage for damage that results from:

  • bad roads or potholes
  • other forms of vandalism
  • driving over debris or sharp objects that you could not reasonably have known were there

This is not a guaranteed or comprehensive list of what your additional insurance policies may cover. Note that circumstantial considerations will always come into play when your insurance company decides whether or not to offer coverage.

How Do You Know If You Can File a Claim for 3 Slashed Tires?

If you don't have comprehensive coverage, you will not likely receive coverage for 3 slashed tires. If you do have comprehensive coverage, there are a few things to take into consideration, including:

  • how high your deductible is
  • how much new tires would cost out of pocket
  • whether or not filing a claim would raise your insurance premium

Many drivers discover that their deductible does not cost much less than 3 new tires would cost out of pocket. When this is the case, you're better off buying those new tires on your own, rather than filing a claim.

Do You Need Better Car Insurance?

As a driver and car owner, you take protecting your car seriously. That includes having car insurance that can do it all. 

Will insurance cover 3 slashed tires? Will insurance cover more than the damages done to someone else's vehicle? With the right package, you will have all of the protection you need.

Ready to learn more about your car insurance options in Massachusetts? Contact us today and we'll get started putting together a car insurance package that is perfect for you.

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