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In 1896, two independent insurance agents met to discuss the challenges they faced in their desire to provide clients with policy options from more than one insurance company. To solve their problem, they agreed to form an association whose mission was to provide consumers with a choice of insurance carriers. Because of that initiative, today, most insurance brokers represent a number of insurance companies that can offer policies to their clients and provide a variety of coverage and rate options.

Although beneficial, that idea does not hold the same meaning today. Firstly, we have to consider that for many years, consumers were forced to buy insurance through an agent. As a result, consumers seeking more value from their agents had to settle for the service and price offered by the insurance carriers represented by their agents. This meant their choices were limited, while this association offered customers diverse insurance opportunities.

However, in today’s digitalized era, it is easier than ever for consumers to access and purchase their insurance policies online. This makes them demand more from their agent in terms of the options they are offered and the most affordable insurance rates. In short, they do not have to settle. The market for consumers who would rather handle their own insurance has grown rapidly and, with the proliferation of online comparative rating applications, this trend is more likely to persist.

So, why would a consumer hire an insurance broker like Econosurance to handle their insurance needs?

There are three reasons why someone would choose us instead of handling their insurance needs themselves, namely:

  1. Personable insurance solutions that fit your needs
  2. Policy shopping for competitive rates and coverage
  3. Policy service across states

Personal insurance that fits your needs

Insurance is a business based on trust and relationships, similar to banking. The insurance brokers at Econosurance take the time to really get to know their clients, in order to understand what is important to you, and how to provide better coverage through a risk assessment.

By creating a personalized profile for each client, namely by looking at your age, job, interests, and even your general life direction, we can find the ideal insurance package for you. We value the relationships we create with our clients because it is the ideal way to obtain a suitable insurance quote.

Benefits of client-insurance broker relationship are:

  1. Intimate knowledge of your insurance needs
  2. Trust building
  3. Personable experience
  4. Having an advocate when a loss occurs

All these benefits of this relationship can be demonstrated by real-life success stories with clients that saved over $500 from the policies we obtained on their behalf.

One of those clients is Susan. She first called us to get an insurance quote for a friend who was relocating to Massachusetts. After providing her with a quote, we continued our conversation with Susan for about an hour and established a great connection with her.

Susan called us again after a few months; this time for her own homeowner’s insurance policy. However, because we knew some things about her from our previous conversation, we proposed a bundled home and auto policy. This policy combination saved Susan over $700 on her policy package, something which made her happy.

While doing it yourself may save you a few dollars, in most cases, you end up paying more and leaving a huge gap in badly needed protection. This case shows how the relationship you build with your insurance broker can save you time, money, and effort while offering coverage that suits your needs.

Policy shopping for competitive rates and coverage

Insurance rates vary from carrier to carrier, knowing the carrier’s appetite for your risk is crucial in finding the best rate. The following are some of the few factors carriers look for when determining your auto insurance rate:

  • The type of coverage you already have
  • The vehicle you own
  • Your place of garaging
  • Your driving experience
  • Your driving history
  • Past claims
  • Past cancellations

If you fall high on any of these risks, you can be assured that your rate will be significantly higher than average. By policy shopping, Econosurance can help you find competitive rates and suitable coverage for your risk.

To better illustrate how we shop for our clients, let’s look at how we saved Jennifer over $2500 on her home and auto insurance.

Jennifer has been a client of ours for several years. She is super busy managing her multiple businesses. Given her lifestyle, she chose Econosurance to manage her business insurance needs.

When Jennifer had just begun working with us five years ago, we asked her if she would be interested in us reviewing her personal insurance policies. She declined because those policies were already underwritten through a friend of hers. We understood and respected that, our main focus is to keep her happy with our services.

However, we subsequently received a call from Jennifer. She asked for a homeowner’s insurance policy for her recently purchased property. Knowing the amazing discounts you as a consumer receive when you bundle policies, we offered to quote her auto insurance as well, which she permitted.

When we began seeking quotes for her homeowner’s and auto insurance policies, we realized that the sum we could save her was over $2500, that is, if the same carrier that ensures her home also ensures her auto insurance. So, we ran her a quote.

When Jennifer saw the bundled offer, she was very surprised and happy to see that both insurances together were cheaper than her current auto policy! This situation made us feel good because we had saved a client a substantial amount of money.

Busy professionals often pay more for insurance than they have to because they hardly have the time to review their policies and shop around for better rates. By entrusting your insurance to companies like Econosurance, you can save money while getting excellent coverage.  

Policy service across the states

Most of our clients face difficulties when it comes to insuring their private properties across state lines. The difference in insurance rates and the number of insurance agencies from state to state can make policy shopping across states a rather difficult process. Insurance brokers at Econosurance handle policy shopping across states through our links with a large number of insurance agencies.

Imagine that your primary residence is in Massachusetts and you own commercial properties in NY, the second home in DC, and another in Florida. Naturally, you will want to have each property insured. However, because of differences from state to state, each policy will be renewable and due for payment by a certain date. These dates are often different from one another, which will consume quite some time on your part, making it easy for a policy to lapse without you even realizing it.

Econosurance understands this difficulty, which encouraged us to specialize in managing insurance policies statewide. Some of the benefits you enjoy when you allow Econosurance to manage your properties statewide include:

  1. Dealing with only one agent instead of one in each state
  2. Having centralized and accessible paperwork
  3. Signing only one check to pay off your policies

To better illustrate how we can handle policy services across states for you, we will use the example of our client, Craig.

Craig lives in Connecticut and is a partner in several firms in that area. He gave us a call to get a bundled quote on a vehicle and a home he owns in Florida. Apart from his car and home insurance quotes, we also reviewed his personal and business policies in New York. He was very pleased with our services, hence, he continuously cooperated with us.

Econosurance is not licensed in all the states of America, however, our cooperation with agents nationwide provides our clients with smooth transactions, leaving no coverage gap for you to worry about.

Our main goal is to work in your favor and offer quality. Through our services, we save you time, effort, and money. As an independent insurance broker, we can help you with personalized insurance quotes that fit your needs, policy shopping for competitive rates and coverage, and policy service across states. The relationship you establish with us will offer you a personal experience and an advocate in times of need.

To see how you can benefit from the policies Econosurance offers, click here to get a free quote.

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